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        Apolla Asteria has been considered by herself and many others to be a pioneer in what is known to be called the Human Consciousness Shift movement. With a background deeply rooted in esoteric studies, metaphysics, community service, exopolitics, forbidden archaeology, Quantum Touch energy healing, shamanism, art, theatre, and music; Apolla’s life path takes on many roles and job descriptions.  These currently include; Actor, Artist, Host of Apolla's Odyssey, UFO Conference Speaker/MC, Freedom Activist and Correspondent.


     Apolla began her early years in Peoria, Illinois. Growing up outside the city surrounded by forests and farms, Apolla’s earliest hobbies included; studying nature, horseback riding, swimming, rock climbing, cross country running, art, theatre, and reading. Apolla was known in her earliest years to have a deep affinity for nature. She spent a majority of her time studying plants, animals, the cosmos, and geology. Besides creating art and studying nature at an early age she was also an exceptional reader, by 1st grade she would read an entire novel every night through most of her grade school years. Her earliest reading inspirations were on the subjects of ancient civilizations, astronomy, nature, and dinosaurs, along with being an avid fiction reader. When she entered 2nd grade her family experienced the diagnosis of her two-year-old brother’s rare liver disease. Her mother and brother had a never before done successful transplant that affected her life on many levels. She was instantly thrown into the limelight at a young age, speaking with journalists, radio show hosts and reporters about her family’s situation. Along with being in the limelight she also helped her parents organize and launch several benefits and fundraisers for the transplant in her community. Grateful for the way the local community had come together in their time of need, Apolla and her siblings became active members of their local church and youth groups. From the age of 8 she was often involved in charity projects such as; bringing art to the elderly at nursing homes, participating in food drives for the homeless, and donating to the local community. Spirituality was an important part of her life from the very beginning, besides her Methodist background, her uncle trained her in the practice of Quantum Touch energy healing and other metaphysical practices. She also became deeply involved in the studies of herbs and their wholistic uses. Inspired by all the fiction novels she read, she began carving wands from sticks she found in forests at the age of 9. She often felt she could communicate with nature spirits and Fae and also spent much of her early years studying new age magic and mysteries.


      At the age of 12 Apolla began guitar lessons and Barbizon School of Modeling & Acting. While already doing well with her art in many art shows and competitions in her home town, the entertainment arts soon become a central part of her life. She performed with her guitar any chance she could, participating in local showcases, school music competitions and performances and ended her Barbizon graduation with a performance of “blackbird” in front of an audience of several hundred people. During her time enrolled in Barbizon she learned; runway modeling, etiquette, industry professionalism, acting and modeling. After Barbizon, she immediately signed with an agency in Chicago and went to an agency showcase in New York City. Her early years in entertainment were plagued with industry scams which helped prepare her for her future years in the industry. She began her freshman year in the 2009 Miss Illinois Teen USA pageant. Her high school years were spent taking art classes, being involved in her school news program, playing guitar in Jazz Band, youth group, Cross Country, working as a lifeguard, and competing on the speech team in events such as Humorous Duet acting, Dramatic Duet acting, poetry and radio. She enjoyed being in her school’s plays and musicals, starring as “Rose Legend” in Beauty and the Beast. She also developed a passion for EDM and became involved in the Chicago music scene enjoying dubstep shows and festivals.


      She wrapped up her senior year of high school in 2012, which also happened to be the beginning and ending of two important cycles according to the Mayans. Her and her classmates often joked about the Mayan Calendar and the world ending before they could reach college, which caused her to further her studies in metaphysics and esoteric knowledge. She became obsessed with understanding the truth of human history and its origins, lost civilizations, the existence of extraterrestrials, and conspiracies related to the globalist cabal. She was deeply inspired by the documentary “Zeitgeist”, esoteric/occult studies, Spirit Science, The Secret, Occupy Wall Street and Anonymous. She heavily researched both sides of the human consciousness shift in regards to the political and spiritual paradigms. Around this time, she also began practicing Shamanism more avidly working with plant medicines, music, and deepening her practices in energy work and meditation. Instead of starting college, she chose to begin travelling the country as a freelance model. She spent most of her 18th and 19th years modeling for various group shoots across America appearing in several magazines and winning many competitions on sites such as Model Mayhem. Some of these appearances include; Chicago Loop Girl for Chicago’s most successful radio station, Guitar World Magazine, and Surreal Beauty Magazine.

After a short time travelling and experiencing the industry in NYC, Apolla set out for Los Angeles, California in the winter of 2013. Besides being fully involved in her entertainment career, Apolla continued to further her studies in esoteric knowledge and metaphysics taking on the practices of astrology and divination. During her first transitional year in Los Angeles she crashed on the floor of a recording studio, befriending several influential rappers who were popular in the 90s era and becoming deeply involved with the creators of and artists from Motown. Music became the forefront of her life, most of her time was spent in music studios being mentored by several artists. She recorded rap songs and DJed with her fellow musician friends for the next few years performing at clubs and events in Hollywood.  She also immediately began her acting/modeling career in the city after signing with Wild Models Talent and various talent organizations and soon appeared in several commercials, music videos, TV Shows, and runway shows. Some features include: Quiznos, Subaru, “Firestone” by Kygo music video, “Anastasia” Russian double spy agent in a James Bond Video Game, Las Vegas Fashion Week and LA Fashion Week. In 2014 she became involved in a TV project where she took on the role of the Goddess Artemis’s incarnate ambassador on earth. She found the synchronicities and similarities with the goddess and her life to be astounding and resolved to allow herself to be a conduit for this archetype. She began studying Greek mythology and ancient archetypes from all cultures, comparing and contrasting the research. She soon recognized the similarities between these archetypes which spanned across different cultures from the Celts to the Egyptians and noticed their connection with ancient aliens and lost civilizations.  


     During this time, although Apolla was doing so much with the arts in entertainment, her main focus and passion were mysticism, her occult/theological studies, and shamanistic practices. She spent much of her time exploring plant medicines in nature, studying and becoming inspired by the environment in California. She began to have intense off planet lucid dreams and countless UFO experiences.  Although she had always believed in the existence of extraterrestrials, she furthered her studies in the area of Exopolitics after these experiences and went to her first UFO conference, Contact in the Desert which inspired her deeply and opened up many new areas of study in her life. During this time a friend came to her asking to use her Artemis character in a comic book he was working on. He said he needed to take a photo of her with a weapon and she didn’t have one. Spears had been on her mind because she had just finished the Iliad and the Odyssey and she quickly fashioned one from some bamboo in her yard and a pointed crystal she had recently purchased. She wrapped it with suede and wire, painted it, and decorated it with fur and feathers. Although her friend never released his comic book series, Apolla, inspired by the book “Girl Boss”, decided to start her own company of hand-crafted energy channeling devices called “Shaman Spears” which quickly became a huge hit in the LA festival scene. 


     Apolla moved to the Hollywood Hills and began expanding her Shaman Spears company, evolving her energy devices and taking them to burner events in the LA underground scene. She delved more deeply into the acting world and booked her first major role on a short film called “A Hott Winter” produced by Tim Robbins which would later be aired at Sundance and become a feature length film "VHYES". She was Taft-Hartleyed by this role and joined SAG soon after. During the following years she appeared on countless TV Shows including but not limited to; "Star Trek Picard", "Feud", "The Big Big Show", "Reno 911", "Marvel Runaways", and "Mom". Her music career took a new direction when, during the production of the project involving her Artemis role, she was asked to play guitar for a band in the series and for the Dionysian parties they threw in Malibu. The group was called the “Sirens of Dionysus”, they needed a producer/drummer and soon met Kaisi Berick “The Siren” who became a part of their group and project taking on the role of Apollo. This led to Apolla joining “The Siren” as the guitarist for the 432 hz DNA healing music group which has been introduced by some magazines as being under a genre of its own, “Epicstep.”  Apolla performed with The Siren for mostly conscious events such as The Zeitgeist Media Fest and United We Stand Fest. The group has won several awards including; Best of LA Music Award, Best of Las Vegas Music Award, Bronze Global Music Award, and 3 Hollywood Music in Media Awards nominations. Besides the music and acting Apolla became a speaker and MC for the UFO convention scene after befriending many speakers and attending several conferences in the western United States, selling her Shaman Spears at many of the events. She was surprised to find that many of her favorite authors were involved in the disclosure community and her areas of research are now mostly focused on the field of exopolitics and consciousness. Her Shaman Spears have evolved and are now filled with sand which she collects from sacred places around the world, naturally magnetic hematite sand, quartz crystals from a sacred location in Joshua Tree, and Orgonite Materials. She now paints them with crop circles and ancient power symbols and charges them with energy work on to an energetic collective. 


   In the past 5 years Apolla was certified in many energy healing modalities including Quantum Touch Levels One and Two and the Wonder Method. She began presenting "Solution for Humanity" a presentation that includes solutions ranging from the importance of full disclosure, to space-faring civilizations, circular communities and vertical gardens, to the importance of freedom and the evolution of consciousness. Apolla has presented at many Disclosure, Spiritual, and Political conferences including: DisclosureCon, Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo, United We Stand Fest, the Seventh Seal Summit, and Camp Disclosure. She also became involved with the Free and Equal Election Committee and has been involved in many political and pro freedom events. In 2020 Apolla became a panelist and correspondent for popular UFO news channel Third Phase of Moon reporting on the latest developments in Disclosure which led her to creating her own Youtube channel "Apolla's Odyssey". Apolla hosts podcasts and interviews with members of the Disclosure community such as whistleblowers, authors, and UFO researchers. She has done some work for other pro freedom networks and began livestreaming during important historical movements. Apolla had worked with KGRA Digital Broadcasting and Aftermath FM hosting weekly podcasts of her show during 2021 and is now focused on her Youtube Channel. Her fascination with forbidden archaeology and ancient aliens has led her to exploring many sacred sites in recent years for her research such as; Egypt, Machu Picchu, Thailand, and the Coba Mexico. Apolla has many projects in the work, you can follow her journey on social media and Apolla's Odyssey youtube channel. Her art is available at



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