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     Apolla is a life long researcher in the field of Ufology, She began her studies with an interest in lost civilizations and forbidden archaeology which led her to understand the clear presence of ancient aliens in humanity's past and prehistory. She became involved in activism and the UFO community around 2012 and has appeared as an MC, panelist, and speaker at several events. She vends her invention, (Shaman Spears- uniquely hand crafted energy channeling devices) at these events as well. Apolla has had several UFO/Contact experiences and considers herself a pioneer in the human consciousness shift movement, working with the UFO community to help bring about Full Disclosure. Apolla is a reporter for UFO News Network, Third Phase of Moon. She has also started her own Youtube show called Apolla's Odyssey and is a regular guest on many popular Disclosure Influencer's channels. As a reporter Apolla has been interviewing the likes of Secret Space Program whistle-blowers, investigative journalists, astronauts, and various speakers in the UFO community. Apolla has visited several ancient sites for her research including Machu Pichhu, Coba pyramids, and Egypt. Some events she has been involved in are; LA Conscious Life Expo, International Symposium of Quantum Consciousness and Healing, Contact in the Desert, and Alien Con.

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