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"Be like the moon... So simple, yet so attractive... so enlightening, yet so cool...
moving yet still... so quiet, yet so popular... so romantic, yet single."

Apolla Asteria: Actress, Artist, Activist

Apolla Asteria is a multi-faceted artist who uses her creativity to explore the mysteries of the universe. As a lifelong actress, she's graced the screens in movies like VHYES and Star Trek Picard (Season 2), while also captivating audiences with her musical talents as the former guitarist for the 432hz band, The Siren.

But Apolla's passion extends far beyond the stage and screen. A dedicated researcher of metaphysics, esoteric knowledge, and forbidden archaeology, she's become a prominent voice in the UFO/Metaphysical community. She now uses her platform as a Disclosure Activist/Exoplotician to advocate for truth and understanding.

Apolla's Odyssey, her thought-provoking YouTube show, features interviews with leading figures in the field, while her appearances as a speaker at UFO/Metaphysical Conferences and reporter/panelist for ThirdPhaseOfMoon allow her to share her insights with a wider audience.

Beyond entertainment and activism, Apolla channels her artistic spirit into Shaman Spears, her company that creates unique, handcrafted energy channeling devices. She is also a captivating speaker, presenting her "Solutions for Humanity" message at events nationwide and working on a book based on this transformative material.

A tireless explorer, Apolla has journeyed to sacred sites around the world, fueling her research and solidifying her position as a pioneer in the Human Consciousness Shift movement.

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